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Back in November Wonderbra contacted me if I wanted to meet them in Debenhams Trafford Centre for an Ultimate Style session and to see their updated Ultimate Strapless bra. Up for any excuse to go to the Trafford Centre off I went on a cold Saturday.

I was introduced to the lovely girls from Wonderbra who explained the new style to me and why it was great. The Ultimate Strapless has unique hand support that holds the girls in place and provides the perfect amount of cleavage and those painful silicon straps and replaced with silicon dots to make sure your bra doesn't move when you do. 

The lovely lady at Debenhams then measured me up and found one for me, I really would recommend getting sized properly for these bras. While I have put on a bit of weight since my last fitting I was 2 cup size bigger than what I would of bought. After finding my perfect bra they helped my find an ultimate dress. I said I'd like something I could dress up or down and they brought me a few selections, however as soon I this gorgeous number from Coast Petite I knew I had to have it. And while I haven't yet found an excuse to wear this beauty of a dress I can't wait to bust it out.

Back to the bra though, honestly, I've never found a strapless bra that doesn't move so I was a bit hesitant but gosh this works! I wore this to a gig and I danced and jumped around and it did not budge in the slightest. I was amazed! I wore it on Christmas Day as I had a low shoulder top on and didn't want any bra straps on show and once again no movement. I've even worn it to work multiple times. My only slight criticism is it can be hard to get on as it really isn't designed to budge and if you wear it all day it can be tight. Especially if you are consuming a 3 course Christmas lunch and gain about 12827b during the day. But that only happens once a year...

I had a great time with Wonderbra and I ended up taking home their Ultimate Strapless Bra, the dress and have since bought 2 more of their Ultimate Strapless Bras in the sales! I'd really recommend the bra and the personal styling session at Debenhams. 

You can get the gorgeous Coast Dress here (now reduced!) and the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless from here and here.

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