Beauty - Kiehl's Concentrates

While I always love a new lipstick/blusher at the moment I'm currently loving trying new skin care, Kiehl's is currently my go to brand. At the back end of 2015 I invested in the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and then earlier in January I picked up the Daily Reviving Concentrate.

2 oils, both from Kiehl's, one designed for the morning and one for night, so what do I think? The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a cult product which so many bloggers love. The oil is designed to make skin younger and rehydrate the skin. While my skin is Normal to Oily it is dehydrated, especially during the winter months. The oil itself is lovely to use, it has a lovely, light Lavender scent to it. To apply you use the dropper to apply 2 drops to your hand, then pat and massage into your skin. It's definitely helped my skin keep hydrated and plump looking during the Winter months.

The Daily Reviving Concentrate aims to help protect the skin against the harsh world and keeps the skin looking youthful all day. I first tried this around my birthday when I got a few samples of it and it was love instantly. I could tell the difference when applying my makeup and how my skin looked through the day. You apply in the same way as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I apply this before my daily moisturiser and I adore it. Personally if I had to pick one of the 2 it would be this one.

My only criticism is the packaging, the lids can loosen themselves very easily when travelling result in them leaking, which is exactly what happened to me on some recent travels. I don't think that will put me off repurchasing though.

You can get the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl's and they both retail at £36.

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