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For a long time I lost my gym mojo, a lot of things can you kick back into it. Reality, an upcoming event, a new gym or new gym clothes. For me it was finally switching gyms (which I will detail in a future post) so what better to kick a new gym routine into gear than some new outfits.

Pink Soda is designed for women who love to look great when working out. Inspired by an LA lifestyle the Pink Soda range combines key season shapes with performance fabrics. Pink Soda launched in the latter half of last year, I'd seen a number of bloggers wearing the brand I was attracted to the range. I loved the colours and design  so when Pink Soda got in touch and asked me to try some pieces I said yes instantly.

For me gym wear has to be the following 3 things
- Good Quality - 
No sheer leggings! Nothing that will split or wear loads after a few washes.
 - Functional over fashion - 
As much as I love beautiful gym wear I won't touch something that is more fashion than gym. I want sweat wicking and pockets for keys in running legs.
- Affordable -
While I'm happy to spend money on gym gear I want to have money in my purse to be able to eat for the rest of the month. 

I can usually find something that matches 2 of those 3 categories. It's the affordable option I struggle with most of the time, Sweaty Betty, gorgeous but a single piece won't leave much change. Budget brands often compromise on quality or are more fashion than functional, however I can hundred percent say this isn't the case for Pink Soda Sport. As soon as I picked up the products I thought 'This feels like Gym Wear' so I was really excited to try it on.

Outfit 1

Pink, Ombre, Leopard print. Yes, yes, yes. This is great gym wear, the bra fits perfectly and will keep the girls in place through even the most trying work outs. The leggings are really comfortable, I've worn them for weights and HIIT. If you are doing a lot of burpees etc. they can slip a little bit so would recommend them for gym work.

Outfit 2

These tights are lovely! I love the crackle print, it has a tiny pocket for your keys in the waist band that is the same blue as the sports bra. The sports bra is lovely, I love the fact it's reversible. Reversible stuff is great but they always tend to have a label int hat you have to cut out and it leaves a mark. Not with this! I would say the sports bra is more suitable for weight training or yoga than HIIT or running. The leggings are my favourite piece, and when I went out on a run in 4 degree weather they still kept me nice and toasty! The high waistband is really good as it prevents any slippage.

Outfit 3

Same outfit as outfit 2 but I reversed the bra and added the vest. The vest is probably the most disappointing product, not to say it's not good, it just feels like a normal cotton vest so once again will probably keep it to strength training and yoga. I love the drop arm hole vest, I think this will look lovely with the bright sports bra colours, however I really love the monochrome look.

So there you have it! If I had to recommend one or two pieces it would be the Crackle Tights and Leopard Sports Bra. Both pieces are beautiful, really comfortable and great gym pieces. Have you tried Pink Soda Sport? Let me know what you pick up!

*These items were sent to my in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own.

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