Lifestyle - Valentine's Day with Thorntons

With just over a week to go till Valentine's Day I've teemed up with Thorntons to share some top tips and facts with my lovely readers.

Chocolate is very popular choice as a gift on Valentine's day, most people love Chocolate and it's appreciated whether you've been dating for a month, a year or 10! It's no wonder in the US $1.6 billion is spent on Chocolates alone on Valentine's day. I'm a huge fan of Thornton's chocolates in particular, their Continental Alpinis and their toffichocs are my favourite sweet treats and I could just eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Though my clothes wouldn't fit anymore....

This year Thorntons have come up with a Valentine's Day Cheat Sheet to help you plan the perfect Valentine's Day. It's a great guide full of ideas for gifts and plans to ensure your Valentine's Day has plenty of fireworks. 

To me a perfect Valentine's day should reflect you as a couple, if you are foodies who love going to the best restaurants go out for a blow out meal but if your relationship is strongly Netflix and PJs, stay in with some fizz, chocolates, turn your phones and watch a Rom Com (or your favourite TV series) Of course no Valentine's day is complete without a sweet treat. For those who have a smaller budget or a just at the start of their relationship the Personalised Chocolate Plaque is a great way to wish someone Happy Valentine's without breaking the bank. If you're looking for something a bit more luxurious why not go for Continental Heart? Filled with Milk, Dark and White chocolate it's the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life. 

I'd love to know your top tips or Valentine's plans this year!

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