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Hi, my name is Shen and I'm a shopaholic. I'm also a shopaholic that can't say no to a bargain or a discount code. I've recently picked up 2 bargains that I just had to share with you guys. 

I've been having gel nails on my fingers done for about 2 years now, meaning my nail polish collection has been seriously reduced and doesn't get many updates to it anymore. It's pretty much pinks, oranges, corals and reds and I was feeling uninspired when I was painting my nails. I didn't even have any nice glittery top coats! So one lunch I went to boots to pick up a nail polish or two to add to my collection. And what did I spot? A Ciate Christmas gift set reduced from £30 to £10! Filled with 6 beautiful minis, including 3 glitters it was exactly what I was after! The fact they were minis was perfect too as I don't paint my toenails that regularly and they wouldn't go off quickly. Ciate nail polishes are absolutely amazing quality too so I was soon clutching one as I ran to the till past the lunch time meal dealers.

The highlights for me are the beautiful grey purple, the dark glitter and clear glitter. I'm currently wearing the purple colour with the dark glitter on my toes and it's my favourite combination in a long time. The red I'm not overly fussed on but the gold glitter and green are good additions to my smaller collection. If you have a small nail polish collection or just fancy a bargain I'd really recommend picking one up. They are still available online and it looks like a few stores have them in still too. 

My next item, unfortunately, requires a visit out away from the comfort of online shopping  I'm lucky enough to be within 30 minutes of Cheshire Oaks, a haven of discount shops that houses everything from a Cosmetic Company Outlet to a Michael Kors. I regularly like to go visit and have a wander round and since Christmas a new addition has popped up, the Beauty Outlet. 

Filled to the brim with bargains from Drugstore to high end make up, skincare, hair and beauty it's a beauty bloggers dream. I've spotted Stila, Elizabeth Arden, Victoria Secret, OPI and tons of drug store brands in there. The selection is seriously impressive. However the thing that made me hand over cold hard cash this time was a bargain from The Balm. The Nude Tude palette retails for £30 over on ASOS and it was £14.99! Now I have a fair few neutral palettes but this had something different. Colours such as sexy, silly and stubborn were colours that weren't included in other palettes I owned so I grabbed it and headed over to the till.

The eyeshadows are great quality and pigmented, they aren't the butteriest I have ever tried but the quality is up there with some of the best I've tried. I love the mix of colours too, you have an nice mix of lights, browns and darks. I wish there was one or two more mattes, a matte bone colour would be awesome but bar that it's a great palette to create a variety of looks and travel with. 

Beauty Outlet don't have a website but a number of the shops have their own Facebook page where they post offers. The Freeport Talke outlet have posted recently that they have the Stila Palettes (including in the light) for £12.50!

What's your most recent bargain?

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